Telehealth Services

All clients will need to register for an online client portal account at the time of scheduling their first appointment. You will be emailed a link to register for an online client account with Valant IO. Links for Telehealth appointments will be sent via secure messaging through the client portal. We encourage all our clients to use our secure online client portal to access forms and communicate with their clinicians via a more secure HIPAA-compliant messaging system.

Clients that are requesting online telehealth appointments will need to complete the Telehealth Consent form and review the Telehealth Patient Rights & Responsibilities sheet located on their clinician's profile page for instructions. This form must be completed prior to scheduling an online telehealth appointment. Clients will need to use a webcam or a smartphone during the session and may have to download the app to access their sessions depending on which telehealth platform their clinician uses.

We encourage ALL our clients to provide their email address, register on our secure provider portal to access forms, and to communicate with your provider via a more secure HIPAA compliant email. If you have not provided your email address to your provider yet, please contact our office via email or phone to provide your email.

It is the client's responsibility to contact their insurance plan to confirm that Telehealth services are covered, and their provider is in-network with their insurance plan.